"For all things design from a to z"... Well, just browse through our collection and you'll see exactly what we mean!
A reputable, locally owned company that offers quick and quality services for both residential and commercial properties sought a new identity and brand that was indicative of its superior reputation.
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ALL IN LANDSCAPING (branding, letterhead)
Wanting an upscale, modern, and unique identity to separate themselves from competitors, All In Landscaping desired BFG to update their logo and create a visually handsome letterhead on which the majority of their paperwork would be printed.
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The owner's of All Starz Sports & Entertainment needed a stunning artistic rendering to showcase and advertise their latest ground-breaking entertainment complex in Prince George's County, Maryland.
APPLE A DAY (branding, corporate id, flier, logo)
This highly regarded tutoring company in Maryland wanted an identity that at first glance reflects success, trustworthiness, care, and pride.
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The Art Institutes have fostered many of the best, most successful, and most creative minds in both culinary and fine arts. Every year, to highlight their graduating class' talents a delightful portfolio show is held. Postcards and mailers are sent out to various elite companies and employers to invite them to the show. Below, are the mailers for the 2006 culinary and fine arts portfolio show.
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With so many technology companies around, we wanted to go in a different direction, and take an abstract approach. Thus, we used their acronym to represent an electrical current and a play on colors to bring out their creative slogan: "AV is Us." Click here to view Avisus Technology Group's website!
AYRSHIRE FARM (advertisements, placecards)
Color and imagery are absolute eye-catchers for the advertisements, certificates, and placecards for this upscale commercial farm in Virginia.
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BALDWIN HOMES (interior design, photography)
Privileged to be a part of the first ever Maryland Green Designer Show Home sponsored by Baldwin Homes and benefitting the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Hospice charities, BFG was able to lend its photography, graphics, and interior design expertise to the one-of-a-kind, jaw-dropping Boy's Bedroom and adjacent Bathroom. Click here to learn more!
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BEASTIE BAZAAR (information graphics, posters, signs)
A staple of Middleburg and Upperville, Virginia, this annual event raises millions to benefit animals. Illustrations, die-cuts, typography, and rich hues made every printed piece from the brochures to the maps to the posters to the handouts to the certificates keepsakes for all visitors.
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BILLY (funeral program, thank you cards)
What an honor it was for BFG to be entrusted with the designing of the funeral programs for Benjamin "Billy" Felder, a storied and accomplished Championship Negro League baseball player who played with the likes of Frank Robinson and Hank Aaron. We made sure that every single detail--from the overall design to the text to the picture selection--reflected the special and endearing nature of this wonderful human being.
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One of the finest and highest-rated massage companies in Greenbelt, Maryland needed a modern, stunning, and adaptable logo, identity and website that would lend itself well to various branding materials and would put it above any of its competitors. Click here to view CTM's striking website!
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DAVID & TANESHA WILSON (wedding invitations, photography)
Custom-designed invitations with all original illustrations, use of varied metallic papers, and beautiful ribbons created a very memorable invitation. To add to the momentous occasion, BFG's photographers made sure every special and charming moment was captured to perfection.
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DORIAN RECORDINGS (advertisements)
Only advertising in the most prestigious magazines will do for this classical-centered recording company located in Virginia.
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ENVIRO DESIGN ARCHITECTS, LLC (corporate id, website)
It is imperative for architectural companies to stand out. Taking a spin on the classic architectural blueprint, and the clean, balanced lines of the logo, a unique identity was created.
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FANCY FEAST (menu, placecards)
A very special dinner affair required a very special place setting. Inspired by the garden-like decor, the menus and place-cards expounded on the theme with its original illuatrations, special hand-cut nameplates, and luxurious textured paper.
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FCCS, LLC (branding, corporate id, logo, website)
What better way to showcase your writing, than to incorporate it into your identity and website? A candid play on words, layout and vibrant colors highlight this exceptional woman-owned contracting firm in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Offset printing, juxtapostion, typography, folds, and linen paper show this company is undeniably worth every penny! Click here to view FCCS' website though still under construction!
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FLUKER FAMILY REUNION (banner, invite, logo, menu, t-shirt)
This is not your typical family reunion! Being held in the nation's capital, the Fluker family wanted to create the most distinctive logo and memorabilia that all would remember, cherish, and want to wear for years to come. Bold colors, gorgeous original illustrations, typography, and a balanced layout surely made the members of this family standout and the event one to cherish.
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GARDEN PARTY (invitation)
Our original photograph of this vibrant hibiscus, soft pastels, and vertical lines reminiscent of your favorite picnic tablecloth, evokes the very essence of spring, which is perfect for this invitation for this elegant, yet fun outing.
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When creating the logo, choosing the color, and the overall aesthetic of the corporate identity and company website, it was very important for people to sense the shocking and unthinkable state that many of our veterans find themselves upon returning from service. How important for this foundation that raises money and aids veterans to have an identity that commands attention!
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HANLEY WOOD (ads, certificates, collateral, corp id, vip passes)
An important force in the construction, architecture, and interior design world, Hanley Wood sponsors many conferences, and dishes out several significant awards for the aforementioned fields. BFG was thrilled to design and contribute to so many of this company's corporate collateral pieces.
HARMAN'S INTERIORS, LLC (branding, photography, website)
This established interior design, consulting, and restoration company desired a fresh, modern, and elegant branding to bring this storied company into the 21st century and beyond! The new look was perfected through the use of beautiful original photographs, captivating graphic design elements, and a crisp layout. Click here to view Harman's Interiors' new website!
HOME FARM (branding, corporate id, catalog, certificates)
Capturing the elegant, bold identity of this upscale butcher and food store in Middleburg, Virginia was our priority, and achieved through jaw-dropping photographs, compelling colors, and dignified touches.
One of the rack cards displayed at this favorite restaurant in Middleburg, Virginia.
INN AT THE SPRINGS (advertisements, brochure, mailer)
Don't the blues and tans make you dream of summer and those fantastic days relaxing by the beach? A three diamond resort and popular destination in Florida is showcased in this ad, brochure, and postcard/mailer.
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INN AT PELICAN BAY (advertisement, brochure)
A three diamond resort at a popular destination in Florida is featured in these ads and brochure.
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INOVA FAIRFAX HOSPITAL (information graphics, renderings)
Hailed as one of the best hospitals in the nation, BFG was sought after to create all the original renderings and layouts for the maps and information graphics for the entire campus to be used in their booklets, handouts, and website. Click here to view all of our illustrations and renderings! Be sure to click on all of the numbered links to see all of our illustrations and graphic elements!
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INSPIRED THRU NATURE, LLC (collateral, corp id, web updates)
"One of Greenbelt's best", Inspired thru Nature desperately needed a high-end identity to express the company's growth, prosperity, and "green" mission. A visually exquisite branding and corporate identity was made evident through our use of delicate, yet commanding colors, soft lines and chic curves, clean layout, and enchanting design elements in the company logo, collateral, and marketing pieces.
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JAMIE FOSTER BROWN (interior design)
Mrs. Foster Brown, creator and owner of Sister 2 Sister magazine, needed a complete interior design overhaul and exterior home sprucing to prep for her reality show.
JEANETTE DAVIES (event photography)
An annual formal affair, Ms. Davies turned to BFG to capture every enchanting moment.
KISSED BY THE SUN SPA (consulting, facebook, website)
To bring in more traffic, drastically increase business and make the website and facebook page more user-friendly and appealing, BFG made extensive and inviting changes not only graphically, but through word usage that had both the company's competitors and clients reaching out to express their adoration. Click here to view Kissed by the Sun Spa's Facebook page!
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LETIA SCOTT (invitation)
A celebration of life... This invitation embodied the fun, youthful, and vibrant persona of a five year-old.
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MAMA COCOA'S DELIGHTS (branding, logo, brochure)
After winning Food Network's "Sweet Genius," Mama Cocoa's Delights decided they needed a branding upgrade. The result, a beautiful eye-catching and visually stunning new identity that was equally fitting to its award-winning, delectable treats!
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MEMORIAL (information graphics)
A very important event held every year, BFG was employed to create the information graphics to outline the directions and building layout for the event.
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MUSICA PACIFICA (cd booklet)
Using a softer tone to the graphics, the inside of the booklet matches the soothing tone of the musical artists.
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NATHAN HAWKINS (funeral program)
Every person has qualities, likes, and achievements that make them different from any other person. Using this fact as a guide, this personal and custom funeral program was created.
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POSH CATERING (branding, collateral, corp id, menu, uniforms)
With a name like "Posh", it is imperative that its branding live up to it! Unique die-cuts, strong visuals, photographs, outstanding colors, textures, and fine details made this catering company one to never forget. Add to it our marketing and consulting input and Posh instantly became the "it" catering company!
RAGGS ON THE BOULEVARD (ad, branding, photography, web)
An upscale boutique, on the cusp of fashion, RAGGS required a branding and marketing initiative that showcased its fashion-forward, modern, and one-of-a-kind pieces to its clientele. To achieve this distinguishable and elegant look, BFG incorporated rich metallic papers, vivid contrasting colors, specially designed fonts, and head-turning photography to RAGGS' printed and web elements. Click here to view Raggs on the Boulevard's website!
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RANDY FRAZIER (bridal shower invitations)
Using heavy, textured paper, beautiful, subtle illustrations, and dynamic colors make this a resplendent bridal shower invitation.
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REDLEF GROUP ARCHITECTS, LLC (collateral, corp id, web)
This accomplished architectural, interior design, and planning firm based in Maryland, came to BFG for an invigorating new identity that would set it apart and be ground-breaking in its look and feel! Click here to view the company website!
SHIRLEY'S CLEANING SERVICE (corporate id, logo, slogan)
This is the kind of cleaning service you want and trust in your residence or commercial business; hence, the brilliant and spirited colors within the logo and overall corporate identity, as well as the clever company slogan we came up with.
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One look at this menu and you know you are at a government affair.
STEE (cd booklet, cover art, graphics)
BFG was committed to making this on-the-rise r&b recording artist stand out amongst the pact. The desired aesthetic came to fruition through compelling imagery and illustrations, dazzling typography, and a cohesive and fascinating layout evident from the outside and continued through the inside.
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TENIKA MICHELLE (invitation, thank you cards)
To celebrate this architect's registration, BFG created dynamic invitations and thank-you cards that incorporated realistic architectural elements. At every turn, recipients would unveil various intriguing design components that would leave an indelible impression.
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THOMAS COLE (funeral program)
Using beautiful typographic and illustrative details, we were happy to produce a funeral program honoring Mr. Thomas Cole.
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THOMAS COLE, JR. (funeral program)
A creative genius, the powerful use of roses symbolized the absolute beauty evident in Mr. Cole's life and his creative works.
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TREVISO RESTAURANT (corp id, collateral)
This highly regarded restaurant in Sarasota, Florida needed a classic identity. Naturally textured papers, simple yet elegant borders, and an immaculate layout contributed to this timeless corporate identity.
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This is an example where just a great layout and paper selection can transform a simple menu into something bursting with personality.
US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES (collateral, menus, posters)
Elegant. Strong. Bold. Spirited. That was the purpose behind these works for the US House of Representatives building, offices and restaurants. Scroll through to see posters, order forms, brochures, coupons, and display signs honoring very special celebrations.
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VERONICA HILLMAN (invitations)
From a bridal shower to a rehearsal dinner to a baby shower, these ravishing invitations evoke an enviable essence like no other. Hand-made aspects, original drawings, tactile papers, and 3-dimensional elements undoubtedly make these printed works extraordinarily memorable.
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To run in advertisements for local papers and magazines, a popular summer sailing camp for the Washington Sailing Marina in Alexandria, Virginia, needed a simple, yet beautiful ad.
WHITSFIT TRAINING, LLC (collateral, corp id, logo, website)
Act! Activate! Active! This boot camp means business-- fun business, that is! BFG wanted to incorporate movement and action so that customers could automatically identify that this is a fitness company. Compelling, complementary colors, font selection, layout, and simple inconspicuous design elements not only differentiated this company from its competitiors, but made it inviting to its clientele. If a fitness company is willing to invest this much in its branding, imagine how much it is willing to invest in its clients!
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Something as special as a 25-year anniversary demanded an equally special and impressive invitation.
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